Aircraft Management

Imagine traveling in your plane without minding the operational details of aircraft ownership, or reaping the revenue from others hiring your plane when it would otherwise not be in use. By engaging an aircraft management company to not only ensure the safety and operability of your aircraft but also arrange charter flights through an established network of clients, you simplify the complexities and reduce the cost of aircraft ownership. Entrust your plane to the best in the business: Shearwater Air.

Leveraging a wide network of clients and decades of experience, we at Shearwater Air have the expertise to provide superior aircraft management services and utilize your plane to its fullest potential, whether you and your associates fly or you charter your plane to a third party. Our staff and crew take pride in our record of excellence and our strength in three key areas: safety, service, and fiscal sensibility.

We never take shortcuts when it comes to safety and performance. In fact, we maintain the esteemed and globally recognized ARG/US Platinum rating, the highest and most respected safety rating for business aircraft operators. Our maintenance crew will perform frequent and thorough inspections of your aircraft and stay current with frequently changing and increasing FAA requirements. You will be apprised of not only all personnel appointed to maintain or fly your aircraft but also of its status and availability. Let us take responsibility for FAA-mandated operational control directives as well as FAA-required background checks, drug and alcohol screening, and interviews of potential crewmembers. If you already retain a flight crew, we can transition them to our team and provide them with ongoing training and certification as well as payroll services, full medical benefits, and a generous 401(k) program.

In addition to supporting your aircraft with highly qualified crew and staff members, we offer personalized customer service that is second to none. Our dedicated flight coordinators arrange flight schedules 24/7 and advise on flight times and weather conditions, airports and their fixed-base operators, and conveniences such as catering, ground transportation, and accommodations. In addition, we cover all aspects of flight planning, including aircraft ground handling, over-flight permits, and landing slots. We integrate your individual preferences into the operational aspect of logistics and planning to assure the ideal experience for you.

Because a select group of aircraft owners entrust Shearwater Air to manage their planes, owners benefit from volume pricing on variable costs such as fuel, maintenance, parts, maintenance insurance programs, handling fees, and crew expenses. Moreover, we are able to negotiate fixed costs such as aircraft insurance, personnel training, and hanger and office space. Collectively, aircraft owners reduce costs with Shearwater Air as their advocate.

When you choose to not utilize your aircraft, you may opt to charter to clients who meet your approval. Under our Part 135 certificate, you can negate some of the fixed costs of owning an aircraft, such as insurance and maintenance, when your plane would otherwise remain idle.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to answer any of your questions and to assure you of our dedication to giving you the best in aircraft management and charter services.