Efficiency and luxury top the list of the many reasons to charter private air travel. But which charter company stands above the others? Since you deserve the best in the business, look no further than Shearwater Air.

By transporting you point-to-point and bypassing the hassles of airport security, charter air service provides an efficient and time-saving option when planning personal or business travel.

Shearwater Air stands apart because of our commitment to impeccable service. From the courteous crew awaiting your arrival at the aircraft to the meticulous care taken with the furnishings and systems onboard, our team considers every detail to provide a gratifying experience for you. Each member of our staff regards your privacy and time with abounding respect and paramount importance.

Comfort and convenience come with a cost, but why pay more than you have to? Shearwater Air offers competitive pricing—far less than what you would pay to participate in a jet-sharing service—without compromising any enjoyment, comfort, or performance. In fact, when other charter companies take on more than they can handle, they call us to fulfill their clients’ needs. When they over-commit, they trust us to deliver. But there is no need to pay a surcharge for the benefit of flying with Shearwater Air. Contact us directly and we will bring the highest class of service, safety, and satisfaction at the most competitive rate.

Our cabin is perfectly appointed for all of your travel needs.