Argus Badge

ARGUS Platinum Rated / IS-BAO Stage 2
While all charter companies must be diligent when it comes to safety, we have an outstanding and unblemished safety record. We maintain the esteemed and globally recognized ARG/US Platinum rating, the highest and most respected safety rating for business aircraft operators. Because this rating involves a rigorous evaluation process that includes an onsite audit by a qualified aviation professional, only about 5% of US-based charter operators achieve the ARG/US Platinum Rating. In addition, as a Wyvern Registered Operator, our verified regulatory documentation and fleet, crew, and insurance information is available for Registered Standard PASS reports. We have also achieved IS-BAO Stage 2 registration due to our effective safety management system. Furthermore, our crew works closely with the FAA to stay on top of the many changing federal aviation requirements and regulations, ensuring our commitment to the highest level of safety.

It can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing FAA rules, regulations and mandates, but Shearwater Air has invested in the ARGUS PRISM system, the world’s most advanced safety management system (SMS), which provides a constructed pathway to ease the burden of compliance and improve the effectiveness of our flight operation. For Shearwater Air customers, this translates into an assured level of safety when flying.

With the PRISM system, Shearwater Air can identify opportunities for improvement in process design, documentation, system integration, management review and performance metrics. Shearwater Air is a leader in safety and continually revisits its processes to stay at the top of safety.